Funny Language Mistakes # 4

The following is from a package of Turkish Delights, a delicious jellied candy that originated in Constantinople (now Istanbul), at least according to Wikipedia. What I don’t get is, considering how nicely done the label is and how much money they spent on printing it up, you’d think they could afford better English translation.

What on earth is a “bag mouth”, and where the heck did the sewage system come from?  Most alarmingly, how and why would I close my “air contact” with said sewage system ?

Seriously, after reading this confusing label, I think I’ll just keep my bag mouth closed before I eat a candy that has anything remotely to do with a sewage system.

Bon appetit indeed!  (And thanks Ioanna Solomatina for sending this funny label, and letting me post it).

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For more details, check out:

Confusing Label - Closeup

Turkish Delight?

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2 Responses to Funny Language Mistakes # 4

  1. Bonnie says:

    “Please contact us to your criticism”:

    How about: Please to be hiring a better English translator? XD

  2. t! says:

    You know, usually I can tell, by substituting synonyms or phrasing, what they *intended* to say… but here I am totally at a loss.


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