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Recently, while reading the Montreal Gazette newspaper, I’ve come across a number of jarring headline errors, during my casual morning coffee and catching up with the news routine. Here’s just a few samples:

“Backing Israel is ‘moral obligation,’ Kennedy insists”: This article was in reference to Prime Minister Harper’s recent visit to Israel. I’m no political pundit, but the name Kennedy struck me as wrong. A quick scan of the article confirmed, the Kennedy this headline referred to was actually Jason Kenney, Canada’s Employment Minister.

“GRITTY NEW MINISERIES … BRINGS TO LIFE THE HARSH REALITIES OF THE 1980s GOLD RUSH”: I’m no historian, but I’m pretty sure the Yukon gold rush happened in the 1890’s and NOT the 1980’s.

“Union calls for regulatory overhaul after fatal shooing”: I’m no coroner, but I’m pretty sure no one ever died from being shooed.

Now I don’t want to come across as Whiney McWhiner, but, when one reads the newspaper for FACTS, encountering such factual AND typographical mistakes, you begin to wonder what other major mistakes are slipping through this newspaper’s reviewing and editing process. Having several friends who work in the news business, I understand the pressures that the internet and declining profits bring to many businesses, but still, CARING about your product actually does not cost anything.

Journalists at the Montreal Gazette, I implore you to care just a little bit more before handing in your articles, and dear editor, hire some better proofreaders, and don’t just rely on Sam Spellchecker.

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2 Responses to Sam Spellchecker

  1. t! says:

    I’m pretty sure no one ever died from being shooed.

    “Oh, no, Percival, my love, my own, do not cast me aside, for if you do, I shall surely die of a broken heart!”


  2. Bonnie says:

    On the plus side, such typos are really good for laughs! ‘Fatal shooing’, ROTFLMAO!

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