Regarding Regrets

About twelve years ago, a friend of mine said I should write down some of my personal experiences.  In her opinion, I had led an interesting life, and that I was eloquent when speaking about some of the more interesting events I went through.  My response to her was “Are you kidding?  I’m not anybody famous.  Who would want to read stories about some unknown dwarf from the city of Sherbrooke, Quebec?”

Her suggestion lay dormant in me for about ten years.  Ten years filled with regret at not being able to share my stories with others.  This despite the fact that I had a strong desire to at least try and share stories that could one day help people with similar problems I had experienced and overcome. I kept telling myself, “A lifetime of looking at life with my quirky sense of humor could be a good thing to put forth into this world”. And still these stories remained mostly locked up in my brain, only to be shared with the closest of friends.

It took the birth of my daughter and nearly a year or two of reflection after that to finally act on my friend’s suggestion. I was forty-six years old when Annika was born, and I began to think to myself: “What if a bus hits me today, and my daughter never gets a chance to really know who I am?  What if my daughter never gets a chance to hear some of the silly, funny, daring, and sometimes outright stupid things I’ve done in my life?”

At long last I acted on that regret, and began writing about these experiences, sharing them with friends on my blog starting in June of 2011. My goal was to have a blog that was truthful about life’s difficulties, but as uplifting as possible.  And because life can’t be always be about problems, once in a while, my posts are just plain silly and fun.

Since I’ve started sharing my blog, many good things have happened to me.  Meeting new friends, appearing on various CBC radio shows, and participating in the Human Library project are just a few examples.  I’ve gone from being a recluse in regards to helping others, to at least having some potential of touching people’s lives, because I decided to deal with one regret.

What I’ve learnt through all of this process is that regrets should not be considered negative, or to be avoided. Regrets, when examined carefully, point us in the direction our hearts really want to go. When you feel a regret, look at it closely, and then do something about it! Besides, avoiding regrets is almost impossible, because they only scream louder and louder at us if we ignore them. But listening to and acting on our regrets in a positive way can not only soothe our conscience, but also leave something behind that you can be proud of.  (And thanks Yolanta, for telling me I’m eloquent!)

If you enjoyed this post: For just $1 per month you can support me towards bringing my material to a wider audience. Through my writing, artwork and public speaking, the message I bring is typically positive, and often laced with my unique sense of humor. And the music I perform, well, that’s because people tell me it just makes them happy.

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  1. Bonnie says:

    Hear hear! Which is also why I’ve started writing…

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