About Magic and Changing the World

According to the Merriam/Webster dictionary, magic is “a power that allows people (such as witches and wizards) to do impossible things by saying special words or performing special actions”.

Many people wish that magic truly existed, without seeing that it has been manifested in our world for a very long time. Every object, every technology or medicine, almost everything we use every day, was at one point or another considered “impossible”.  One day, a thing does not exist, and then one day, quickly or slowly, it becomes fully realized.  Although magic does not look or sound anything like it does in your typical Hollywood movie, it happens all around you on a daily basis.

The most precious magic we possess is that little spark of imagination that exists in our brains.  Various estimates indicate that the brain uses about ten to twenty watts of energy. From that little 20-watt spark (special power), we perform specific actions that can take that idea out of our brains, and bring it forth into reality.

In my opinion, the greatest spell ever cast by any human was the creation of the written language.  Imagine a shaman over forty thousand years ago, when he took a piece of charcoal, and started doodling on a rock.  It would have seemed magical to his tribe if the shaman explained that his drawings on the wall would still be there far into the future, telling tales of greatness to a group of people that did not yet exist.

Consider further the acts of writing, and reading. I could have written this ten years ago, and yet, literally, at this moment, I am in your mind controlling your thoughts and actions. Even if you are a very busy person, and only partially paying attention to what you are reading, my thoughts are being transferred into your brain, pushing your thoughts aside, while I control a major part of your body.  Simultaneous mind control, and forward time travel: How magical is that?

You may protest that I’m surely not controlling you physically, but let me ask you this:  As you focus on my thoughts, are you jogging, doing the dishes, or, are you sitting down? Am I not controlling your body as well as your mind, even if only indirectly? Some writing in fact is so powerful, that it will permanently change people after they have read it.  It will change their lives, for better or worse, setting them on new paths they might not have explored otherwise.

People can also be changed through our actions.  Try being nice to people who are not, over and over again, and I bet that at least some of those people will become nicer through our positive thoughts and actions.  Certainly there will be some people we can never change, but that should not stop us from at least attempting to cast these “good spells” on a daily basis.

From written language, to the great pyramids, to the super-computers of the future, it all starts with a single thought. As you contemplate your daily to-do list, look at the world very closely, and be acutely aware of the impact you can have on it. Let’s all try to keep our words and other magic spells on the positive side. You never know, you could change the world, just like that doodling shaman did forty thousand years ago.

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  1. Bonnie says:

    Words to live by. Pun fully intended. :)

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