Disabled AND Sexual Part 1 of 3: Surprise!

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Despite being the year 2016, for too many families, sex is still a taboo subject.  If you have a disability, even more so. I was completely ignorant of what was happening to my body when I reached puberty.  While I eventually achieved a healthy understanding of my sexuality, the road I took was much longer and more confusing than it should have been.

I hope this three part series helps in some small way. But before I start, a few words of caution.

Warning # 1 : Mature Content

This post contains mature language and subject matter.  Yes, I’m talking about sex, and in order to be of any use, details must be shared.  And, boy, do I share, so, turn away now if you don’t like TMI (Too Much Information).

Warning # 2: NOT Advice

This is NOT a how-to, NOT a guide, and NOT any kind of advice column.  It is just one dwarf’s experiences with sexuality. It is simply a story of I learned about sex, but with the added complexity that physical disabilities can bring.

And with that somewhat lengthy introduction out of the way, on with the post!

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