Huggable Wall

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If ever there was a wall you just HAD to hug, we found one at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.

After we had viewed the entire Fabergé collection, we were meandering our way back to the main entrance, when we encountered what turned out to be the biggest hit of the day:  A gigantic wall just overstuffed with stuffed animals!

Naturally, NO ONE was paying attention to the sign that said “Please stay behind the red line”.

Who could resist such an assault of absolute CUTENESS, or resist taking some stuffy selfies? And of course, our daughter Annika was the only one who got caught and reprimanded by the security guard, for daring to cross over, and touching those adorable bundles of soft furry happiness.

Mean old security guard, why don’t you go and sit on a Fabergé egg until it hatches?

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3 Responses to Huggable Wall

  1. Administrator says:

    Original Comment(s)

    Bonnie: If ever there was an art installation crying out to be interactive, it was that wall. Otherwise, they should have covered it with glass. Honestly, if we’re not meant to touch it, then why use stuffed animals? Everyone’s reflex is to TOUCH, especially if they spot a treasured friend from childhood. That quibble aside, I think that was the best moment of the exhibit – which wasn’t even IN the exhibit, LOL.

  2. Rosemary Turpin says:

    I love that wall too, but so far I have managed to restrain myself from hugging it! I have a small collection at home, so I can always hug them! Any friends I am with generally try to pull me forward quickly to whatever show we`re seeing, if I even want to linger for a minute and see Who`s there!

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