Wimpy Whiney “Men”

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If there’s something I really dislike, it is men who don’t lift a finger when it comes to doing their fair share of household work. Even worse, I personally know some men, who have the gall, the audacity, to complain that the house is not “clean enough”. How about getting off your lazy ass you rotten “man” and help?

As if this attitude is not bad enough, I also know way too many men who whine about their partner’s libido. Really? Tell me, how sexy would YOU feel, after working twelve hours as a daycare worker, chef, butler, cleaning crew, stay at home “do it all by yourself” parent? Or even tougher, a working mother, who then has to do it all by herself in the evening while your lazy man barks orders. Feeling sexy yet? Didn’t think so!

In what world is it fair for one partner to work only eight hours a day, while the other partner at home has to work almost twelve to sixteen hours a day? In North America, slavery was abolished a long time ago, and far too many men still need to wake up and smell the coffee they should be making themselves. (And cleaning up their own dishes you effing lazy child-men).

I grew up in an old fashioned Catholic household, where my mother stayed at home, and my dad worked like a dog at his job, averaging sixty hours a week. On top of that, my dad fixed everything in our home, did all the renovations, and most of the yard work. However, my dad was a special man, and still put in his time with household chores. Basically, if my mom was too busy to sit and relax, so was my father. The two of them were inseparable, and quite possibly, the most romantic couple I’ve ever known.

With my disability, to be brutally honest, I can’t do as much as a big strapping healthy man can do. In fact, I’m so acutely aware of it, I struggle with sadness as I watch Bonnie every day, carrying the larger share of physical work. But each day, I do what I can: Some cooking, some cleaning, and mostly, entertaining our daughter to keep her out of Bonnie’s very busy schedule.

Now, I’m far from perfect, but you’ll never hear me complain about the state of cleanliness of our home, or whine that our libidos are not libido-ing. I care much more about the state of physical and mental health of my dear sweet wife Bonnie.  What she needs is all the help I can give, and a nice massage, NOT me whining.

So to those men sitting on their chairs, whining at their wives about how the house is not clean enough, or how they’ve gone so many days without nookie-nookie, I say this: You have no clue! It’s not about being a “real man” but being a decent human being. Shut the bleep up and do the right thing, by helping your partner step for step, each and every day.

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2 Responses to Wimpy Whiney “Men”

  1. Bonnie says:

    Hear hear! Stop treating women like servants and more like real people, and watch those libidos return!

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