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Self-Esteem: Society’s Problem, Not Mine

I actually very much dislike the word self-esteem, largely because the first part, the “self” part, implies that self-esteem develops in a vacuum. The “self” part causes too many people to believe, that when one’s esteem is low or weak, … Continue reading

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Big Business and Their Government Nanny

In the USA, and also now Canada, there is an ever increasing conservative mantra of “smaller government is better”, and fear mongering of being controlled by a “nanny state”.  Hypocritically, most of that noise and propaganda comes from big business … Continue reading

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Need a Hug?

Click Here to Support Frank The son of a good friend, had a best friend, perhaps his only real good friend, move away.  Since then, this grade four boy has had trouble making friends, which got me to thinking about … Continue reading

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