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Are you KIDDING ME? (Hard Gummies)

Click Here to Support Frank I realize that the following two words, “hard gummies”, sound mutually exclusive, contradictory, oxymoronic, improbable, and just plain WRONG when you get down to it. Stale gummies are an insult to candy lovers, especially in … Continue reading

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A Chair is not Always A Chair

Click Here to Support Frank In response to a question I saw to today: Some people say “Don’t let disability define you.” Others believe we should “let disability define us – it’s part of our identities.” Which answer is right? … Continue reading

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Gutenberg Goodies Guide

Click Here to Support Frank It’s FREE GOODIES DAY! As the father of a voracious book loving young daughter, I quickly began to realize: I will NEVER have enough money to keep up with feeding that growing and ever curious … Continue reading

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Literary Rejection Ridiculousness

It’s SARCASM time! Woohoo!  Rejection letters from literary agents are coming back for my first self-published book “Leander the Late Bloomer”.  Two things I keep seeing: #1:  Most publishers DON’T WANT KIDS BOOKS THAT RHYME.  Their reasoning is: TOO DIFFICULT … Continue reading

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