Standing Up To Bullies

Frank, circa 1973

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Although I doubt it will change the world, I did my part yesterday to stand up and challenge at least one bully.

There has been a news story here in Quebec, about a comic by the name of Mike Ward. Mike had to pay a fine according to a judgement laid out by a human rights tribunal. The reason for this fine was that Mr. Ward made some nasty jokes about a young disabled boy.

This tribunal decision released an avalanche of social media on both sides of the “freedom of speech/don’t be an a-hole” coin, a debate I do not want to add to.  What I did instead was offer myself up as a sacrificial lamb to the comic “genius” of Mr. Ward.  I wonder if he’ll ever have the guts to take me up on that offer?

Here’s the letter that I posted on Mike Ward’s Facebook page, and that is printed on page A7 of today’s Montreal Gazette, Friday, July 29, 2016:

Willing to be Ward’s next punchline

I’m here to make you a deal Mr. Ward. I offer myself as a sacrificial lamb just for your comedy show Mr. Ward. I’m a 53 year old dwarf. I have tons of surgical scars, a crooked spine, stubby fingers, club feet, and knobby knees. Oh, and I’m really REALLY short, that’s a great thing to make fun of, and always gets the crowd laughing.

And I’m a Montreal celebrity too, according to your definition, so, I am “fair game”:  I have been a guest on CBC Radio and CJAD.  I am also a self-published author, and a blogger.

Here is my challenge: I promise you Mr. Ward, if you make fun of me in your act, I’ll never sue you, or take you to a human rights tribunal. Just leave the children alone, and donate ALL of your crowdfunding to a good cause.

Yours Truly
Snarky, the eighth dwarf.


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5 Responses to Standing Up To Bullies

  1. Dave says:

    Freaking awesome letter, freaking awesome, you must also be a freaking awesome person. Just freaking awesome.

    • Administrator says:

      Thanks Dave, I have my moments. More and more of them in fact, since I’ve met you and Mike Ervin. Let’s all keep up the good fight!

  2. Bonnie says:


    I especially like the idea of donating the crowdfunded $$ to a worthy cause.

  3. Carolina Rott says:

    Brilliant! I have been following this saga (I live in Quebec and have a son with dwarfism). The Ward issue is painful for me. I feel that this is about more than freedom of speech. There is a fine line between free speech and hate speech. Bullying is a stepping stone to hate speech. I have no appreciation for comics who use bargain-basement humour. Perhaps Ward should take this opportunity to grow his craft. Why not use intelligent and refined humour for a change? Perhaps he’s just not capable of it. His style of humour is not funny — unless you’ve had too much to drink or are on drugs. And you don’t need a Mike Ward show to make you laugh when you’re in such a state. 😉

    • Administrator says:

      First, thank you so much for taking the time to comment!

      Your reasoning is precisely why I’ve done my best to stand up to Mike Ward, and all his ilk. My whole life, I’ve stood up to bullies, and always noticed that when we fight back, they usually back down, or, pick a new target that is not as brave.

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