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When you have your head lowered, working as hard as you can on making your dreams come true, you don’t always notice how far you have traveled.

What follows are some of my projects that made the transition from the virtual world, and into the real world of radio, TV, and print publications.

While it is true that I am trying to run a creative business that also can some day support my loving family, the bigger goal is to contribute something positive to the world, something my daughter can be proud of as she grows up.

If you want to participate and spread the word, feel free to share this post, a portfolio of my published works, that I promise to continue expanding:

TV Appearance

City TV:  Interview on Breakfast Television with Sheila and Leander


My first children’s book: Leander the Late Bloomer.


EMSB’s Inspiration Magazine – Focus on Ability (page 5)

Bioéthique Online – Disability Is in the Eye of the Beholder

Bioéthique Online – “A Very Embarrassing Moment”

Bioéthique Online – A Pain in my Neck (Painting included)

Radio Appearances

CBC:  How I “saved the day” with a Leatherman pocket tool

CBC: A crazy story about my dad and his chainsaw



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