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Wimpy Whiney “Men”

Click Here to Support this free Blog If there’s something I really dislike, it is men who don’t lift a finger when it comes to doing their fair share of household work. Even worse, I personally know some men, who … Continue reading

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Funny Language Mistakes # 4

Original Post Date: 1/26/2014  11:18:26 AM The following is from a package of Turkish Delights, a delicious jellied candy that originated in Constantinople (now Istanbul), at least according to Wikipedia. What I don’t get is, considering how nicely done the … Continue reading

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Never leave home without it

Original Post Date: 9/17/2011 12:51 (BEFORE Yahoo blew up my blog) Trapped in an elevator  with a young couple and their screaming baby, during a power outage on a hut and muggy Montreal summer day. Yes, that was me back … Continue reading

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